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Our Mission

At Crossroads Family Therapy, our mission is to provide compassionate and expert mental health services to individuals, couples, and families in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Established in 2012 by Karen Allan, a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience, we are committed to creating a welcoming and soothing environment within a historic craftsman-style house. Our team of like-minded therapists, each an expert in their field, collaborates to offer comprehensive psychotherapy services that cater to diverse needs and circumstances. We strive to build strong ties with the local community, schools, nonprofits, and businesses, fostering a supportive network of mental health resources for all. With a focus on inclusivity, we hand-select promising young therapists to join our exceptional staff, ensuring a multi-generational collaboration that spans various specializations and accommodates a range of financial circumstances.

Our Vision

At Crossroads Family Therapy, our vision is to be the leading mental health center in the San Gabriel Valley, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and personalized care. We envision a warm and inviting space within our historic home, where clients feel valued and supported on their journey towards healing and growth. By fostering a diverse team of expert therapists, both seasoned professionals and promising young talents, we strive to create a dynamic environment that promotes learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to expand our reach and strengthen our connections with the local community, schools, nonprofits, and businesses, becoming a go-to resource for mental health and emotional well-being. Through our dedication to high-quality services, multi-generational collaboration, and comprehensive specializations, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the individuals, couples, and families we serve.


Discovering Strength Within: The Path to Healing

Crossroads Family Therapy was established in 2012 by long-time Marriage and Family Therapist Karen Allan. After 25 years of experience in schools, churches, hospitals and in private practice, Karen dedicated herself to gathering a group of like-minded therapists, all experts in their field, to one central location in the San Gabriel Valley.

Karen selected a historic craftsman-style house, full of potential but in great need of repair. Little by little her vision emerged, a mental health center beautifully contained within a historic home, each office thoughtfully decorated to invite clients into an appeasing atmosphere.

Since 2012, Crossroads has become more a resource for the local community, building ties with families, schools, nonprofits and businesses nearby. In addition to its core of veteran therapists, Crossroads continues to hand-select promising young therapists to join their exceptional staff. The result is a multi-generational collaboration that accommodates a range of financial circumstances and spans many specializations within psychotherapy.

Our Specialties

Individual Therapy

Our therapists are highly trained in most areas of individual therapy such as anxiety, depression, self-improvement, and recovering from…

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Family / Group Therapy

Families come to us with a variety of needs and requests, and we enjoy walking alongside them to provide structure, support and communication tools.

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Couples Therapy

All of our therapists are extensively trained in couples’ therapy. We support couples through communication issues, affairs, relational breakdowns…

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Children & Adolescent Therapy

As family practitioners, our therapists are extensively trained not only in child and adolescent therapy, but also in working with parents, schools and other…

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Senior Therapy

We are dedicated to Mental Health Of Children, Adolescents & Adults since last 15 Years. We help you address

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