Alcohol Use
We are committed to guiding individuals and families towards a healthier, harmonious life by addressing alcohol use concerns through our specialized therapy services. Our compassionate team of therapists understands the intricate web of challenges that alcohol use can create within families, and we offer a supportive and non-judgmental space for healing and growth.

Through our alcohol use therapy services, we work collaboratively with individuals and families to navigate the complexities of addiction, providing evidence-based strategies that promote sobriety, resilience, and improved relationships. Our therapy sessions delve into the underlying factors contributing to alcohol use, fostering self-awareness and empowering clients to make positive choices. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one, Crossroads Family Therapy is here to walk this journey with you, providing the guidance and tools needed to break free from the grip of alcohol use and cultivate a brighter, healthier future together. Your path to recovery starts here, at the crossroads of healing and transformation.

Alcohol Use Specialist

Raymond Jones

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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