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Life can present us with so many positive experiences that formulate the story of our lives. Many of these experiences bring us both positive and negative memories. We use these memories, as human beings, to assist us and shape who we are, how we manage our issues, and view the world. Sometimes these experiences can stunt our growth and potential as human beings. The experience we endure, that we consider traumatic, can leave a lasting impact on how we navigate our lives. If not addressed, these traumatic experiences will hinder our full potential and our ability to positively interact with the world while giving back and serving others. Through a Trauma Focused approach, it would be my privilege to be able to walk beside you through the journey of life. I believe that we all have the answers within ourselves and have all the keys to unfold a restorative frame of mind. I am here to assist in navigating children, adolescents, adults, and couples through the peaks and valleys of life. It is truly an honor to be able to share your life in this space and time while assisting in reshaping and reframing any potential trauma, so that it is not a hinderance but a tool that can be used to assist others.

Hi! My name is Lonetta Johns-Yarleque. I am a Marriage and Family (MFT) Trainee working towards my licensure as a LMFT and LPCC. I am currently attending Pacific Oaks College in the MFT Program with a specialization in Trauma. Being a bi-racial and bi-cultural person, I believe in an inclusive approach. For many years, populations of people – whether it be due to ethnicity, cultural differences, sexual orientations, disabilities, and even socioeconomic backgrounds – have not had their voices heard or considered in the mental health world. As a woman of color, I know the importance of inclusion of all people in the treatment and therapy process – especially as it relates to trauma.

I am a student of life and have worked with the underserved and often-disenfranchised disabled population for over 30 years. In this experience, I have walked with the developmentally disabled population in their journey. Firsthand, I was privileged to witness the strength of empowerment. I understand that opportunity to succeed and excel can propel an individual to reach any one of their goals and aspirations. I am a firm believer in meeting people where they are at and allowing them the space to tell their story. Your story is unique and powerful. It has the ability to teach and assist others that might be experiencing something similar in their own lives. Together, we can address some of those issues and learn ways of dealing and coping so that you can live to the fullest potential and giving back to the people you care about the most.

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