Elisa Jimenez

Evelyn Rodnuson

Elisa Jimenez’s journey and accomplishments are truly inspiring. Her dedication to advocating, assessing and preventing violence for victims of crime, especially within minority and underserved communities, demonstrates a profound commitment to social justice and mental health equity. Her extensive experience, both domestically and internationally, reflects a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding issues such as sexual crime, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

‌Jimenez’s recognition by various esteemed institutions and organizations highlights the impact of her work on a local, national, and even global scale. Her collaboration with prestigious universities like UCLA and USC, as well as her involvement with governmental bodies like the Mexican Senate, underscores her ability to effect change across diverse contexts and systems.

‌What’s particularly noteworthy is Jimenez’s holistic approach to mental health treatment, which emphasizes the importance of spiritual, familial, and community support. By recognizing and integrating these dimensions into treatment programs, she not only addresses the immediate psychological needs of individuals but also fosters a more comprehensive healing process that acknowledges the interconnectedness of personal, social, and cultural factors.

‌Her inclusion on the Mental Health Commission of Credibility and Accountability for the State of California and recognition by organizations like WASLI through SAMHSA further validate her standing as a leader in the field of mental health. Jimenez’s multicultural background, advanced education, and genuine love for her community undoubtedly contribute to her effectiveness as a director.

Specializing in

Domestic Violence

Sexual Abuse

Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention


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